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Residential Roofing

With more than 5000 residential roofs installed over 35 years, we have an unbeatable reputation for satisfying our residential customers. Whether you want a simple, timeless look or a more decorative one, we’ll guide you through the entire process of restoring or replacing your roof and adding value to your home. We offer a variety of styles and colors to fit your taste, so you can keep your home standing beautiful and strong.

Asphalt Shingles

Architectural, laminate, fiberglass asphalt shingles are the most popular choice for homeowners in America. You see these on over 90% of the residential roofs in Central Illinois. They are chosen for their durability (approximately 25-year life), great warranties, and attractive appearance. We can also match the old “three tab” style asphalt shingle roofs of the past.

Designer Asphalt Systems

This luxury version of the asphalt system is heavier and adds more contrast to your roof and overall look of your home. Several styles and weights available.

Low-Slope Flat Roofs

Many residences have a “flat” roof included in the steep slope shingle roof system or the entire roof system is a flat roof! It is common to see an architectural Mid-Century Modern or Contemporary home with many different low slope flat roofs with heavy gauge sheet metal trims and rain ware or gutter systems. Flat roofs don’t have to be a headache if you hire Messing!

Recommend Residential Low Slope System

We encourage the installation of a mineral surfaced modified bitumen roll roof system on all residential roofs that have structural slope. It pairs perfectly with an asphalt system and is often produced by the same manufacturer. They require maintenance but are easily serviceable. It is durable and can foot traffic and minor impacts from trees, etc.

Other Residential Low Slope Systems

We are able to install all of our commercial low slope flat roofing and insulation systems on residential structures. They offer reduced maintenance but come with a higher up-front price. Many of these systems are not as durable against impacts and foot traffic as the recommended modified bitumen system. They can be custom designed to make a dead flat roof have a slight pitch with a tapered insulation system. We use TPO, EPDM, PVC, or modified bitumen, with hard board insulation systems. They are finished with a factory painted 24-gauge metal edge for a clean look from the ground.

Slate and Tile

Slate shingles are one of the most durable and can last over 100 years. There are several beautiful natural slate and tile colors to choose from. They’re typically more expensive than shingles and are very heavy, requiring adequate roof framing to carry the load.


Up-front costs for metal roofing systems are more expensive but have become increasingly popular because they’re extremely durable and dramatically outlast asphalt shingles. Metal roofing is now available in several styles and colors and allows homeowners more aesthetic options, including aluminum, standing seam, steel, copper and other decorative metals.

Historical Restorations

Preserve and enhance your historical home or building with the technical expertise and knowledge that our employees have to offer. We work closely with the home or building owner to make sure we complete the detailed project and build to the historical era in which it was originally designed.

Wood Roofs

A wood shingle is a thin, tapered, rough sawn piece of wood, typically cedar, chosen for its clean lines and classic appeal. Cedar shingles are mainly used on walls and very steep roofs.

A wood shake has a hand-split (as opposed to rough sawn) and is thicker, rougher, and more dimensional. It has a more organic textured look than the neater wood shingles.

Additional Roofing Services

While servicing your roof, Messing would be happy to help you make other additions or updates that will add beauty and value to your home. We are the best roof repair service in the Peoria, IL area.


Soffit and Fascia

Roof line Modifications

Roof Repairs

Chimney Flashing


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Messing Roofing Can Also Help With

Your home is your biggest financial investment so let our professional installers enhance its curb appeal by giving it a fresh look with new siding. We offer a variety of options, such as Vinyl Siding or Real Wood.

Protect your home with a reliable gutter system that helps collect and move water and debris away from your roof and home. Gutters help protect your home’s foundation by making sure water doesn’t settle and cause mold and decay. We install:

Seamless Gutter Systems · Gutter Guards · Down Spouts · Fascia

Gutter Rx

An all aluminum system that does not interfere with your roof and completely encloses your gutter to protect it from birds, squirrels and insects building nests and is strong enough to handle snow and ice buildup. With the GutterRx™ ridges, it is self-cleaning by promoting air flow; dry debris blows off the system with a slight breeze.


A solid aluminum gutter cover that installs over existing gutters without penetrating your roof. The patented “S-Bend” slows the flow of rainwater, causing the water to adhere to the Leafproof® panel. The system can be installed on any type of roofing, including shingles, slate, metal and tile, and on any roof pitch.

Leaf Relief

Leaf Relief®’s unique design maintains house appearance, installs without lifting shingles, and is environmentally friendly by recovering rain water without debris.

This is no “do-it-yourself” job. If heavy snow has fallen onto your roof, the smartest and safest choice is to call a professional. Messing is licensed and bonded, and has special gear and tools to tackle the problem, so you can stay safe and warm inside your home.

Roof Remediation

The main purpose of a roof is to provide protection for your home and everything and everyone inside it. Therefore, when a tree falls on your roof in the middle of the night or when hail or high winds rip it apart, emergency roof repair in Peoria, IL is needed to prevent further damage.

Once a roof is compromised, it will allow water to infiltrate different parts of the home. Emergency repair involves a quick remediation or protective cover that must be installed to prevent further interior and structural damage. In most instances, an emergency tarp covers the hole in the roof or the damaged area until the bad weather passes and professionals can assess damage.

Prompt Service

With over 5,000 residential roofs installed over 35 years, we are confident we can address your emergency needs to prevent further damage to your home. With our professionals, emergency roof repair becomes manageable, and you can stop worrying about the situation.

We know that dealing with a leaky roof is stressful and we want to reduce your anxiety by providing professional and prompt service to your emergency situation. Messing Roofing and Construction is the name to remember for emergency roof repairs.

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