When Should You Replace Your Roof?

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

Whether you are buying a new home or have been in your home for a few years, you may be wondering if you need to begin the process of replacing your roof. This can be an expensive cost and most homeowners need time to save up to be able to pay for it, although many roofing contractors do offer financing options. We have put together this guide to help homeowners become more aware of potential warning signs their roof is trying to tell them before the need to replace your roof is immediate.

Assess using a Home Inspector

A great home inspector will provide you with an appraisal of the state of the roof and exactly how many years it has left before you must begin considering replacing it. It is a great idea to have them take a quick look at your roof before making any quick decisions. Having the advice of a trusted professional goes a long way to making sure you are making the right decision for your home.

Lost Shingles

These are another indication your roof may be neglected and needing replaced. Check to determine if every one of the shingle “tabs” are undamaged. From a practical point of view, there shouldn’t be any issue with only replacing several shingles at a time. In the event that you happen to be finding yourself replacing many shingles, then it might be the time to get a fresh roof.

At times, you could discover one or two lost or damaged shingles. In this case, it’ll be determined by the status of the shingles that are remaining whether your roof needs replacing or not.

Chimney Flashing

This can be just another place to worry about. If your flashing includes pitch or roof cement, it might have to be replaced using a long term watertight fitting which will be often a metal.

Moss on Your Roof

Moss growing on your shingles is just another bad sign that could mean it is time to get a brand new roof. Nevertheless, before selecting a plan of action, it can be wise to remove the moss and further examine the state of the shingles.

Roof Valleys

If your roof shingles are missing in the valley or are falling in, this an absolute hint you may be in need of a brand new roof. Valleys are among the very critical regions of your roof. You might be susceptible to roof leaks in a situation where the valley is compromised.

Sunlight Through the Roofing Planks

You do not need us to tell you that this is not a great indication! Assess your loft to find out where there is sunlight coming through the roofing planks. If light can get in, so can rain, snow, and chilly atmosphere. Also look for water spots; if you see them over several rains, that may indicate you have an active flow when they change shape or size.

Roof Age

How old is the present asphalt shingle roof? Most specialists concur that the typical roof will last a decade or two. In the event the roof was installed over several layers or is older than 20 years, it is likely that you will need to invest in a brand new roof.

Shingles Breaking, Curling, and Buckling

Shingles that are buckling or are curled, is another good indication that your home may require a brand new roof. Hopefully this isn’t the case, but there may even be a chance the roofing is fundamentally flawed and needs complete replacement.

Cupping occurs when the edges of the shingles turn upwards; and clawing is when the borders remain level, and the center begins to come up.

Shingles that are cracked are usually due to wind damage. It is possible to simply replace them if only a few shingles are broken. In the event the cracking is not isolated to one specific place, that is a telltale sign that you should begin thinking about a new roof.

Worn Away Granules

Darker shades or inconsistency on some elements of the roof is another indication that the granules have worn away.

In the event you just got a fresh asphalt shingle roof, you may also notice a whole lot of granules in the gutters. There is nothing to be worried about. Those are simply not compact; ones that are additional beyond the shingle’s manufacturing requirements. But when it has been 15 or 20 years, that is an indicator of an issue that is potentially more extensive. Granules help keep sunlight off the asphalt layering and are important for proper ventilation of your entire home.

Sagging Roof

This may be when you need to panic. A sagging roof is usually an indicator of a structural problem. There might be an issue with all the supports in the base or, worse, with all the decking in the loft. You are not always in risk, however this can be the sort of thing that is far easier to take care of when it is localized and little, than when it’s developed.

While potentially serious, it could possibly be only a cosmetic problem. Individuals may decide to replace the roof only because they do not enjoy the aesthetic.

Did You Find Issues?

If so, what’s next?

First, before determining what’s most beneficial for your own residence, you need to always talk to a quality roofing contractor locally and get a quote. You can need to be sure you understand your possible hazards and prices prior to making the decision and may be in a position to wait before jumping in.

Keep weather trends and conditions in your area at heart when selecting materials, should you choose to opt to go right ahead and replace the entire roof. In the Peoria area, we experience a wide range of temperatures throughout the year. Our summers can be extremely hot while our winters often experience negative temperatures. This can have a negative impact on your shingles if you choose the wrong ones.

Shingle Options

Find the Best Shingle Options for Your Home

Shingles Type

Asphalt and wood shingles are not particularly resistant which can be an issue if you live near lots of trees and dry brush. Metal, tile and slate tend to be more expensive, nevertheless they’re a worthwhile investment due to the extra protection against fire.

Geographical Location

We are located in Central Illinois where snow loads are a concern. Consider a lightweight and long-lasting standing-seam metal roof. These can normally cast off the snow before it becomes a problem.

House Frames

While tile or slate are visually stunning, they are also heavy. Some house frames are simply not strong enough to support the additional weight of this roofing type. Your contractor will be able to discuss these options with you!

Replacement Cost Approximations

Several Estimates

It’s okay to get several estimates, in the event that you determine it’s time for a new roof. Make sure the estimate includes disposing of debris and removing the old shingles.

Stacking New Shingles With Old

In previous years, it was common practice to just nail the newest shingles on top of the old ones. This business standard has shifted and reputable roofers will not offer this as an option. In fact, doing so will invalidate many manufacturers’ guarantees.

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